Nina Evans
Personal & Group Training
Fit Friend Boot Camp, SkipFit

Nina started out in fitness in her early years in highschool and that's when she discovered she had a love for being in the gym and outdoor activities.  Through the years she discovered she could do anything she put her mind to.  Nina has dealt with her own weight management and has experienced the struggles of
what many of us deal with. She knows the challenges of ups and downs. She strongly believes each one one of us can find what works for us individually to maintain our well being.  What works for one, doesn't always work for everyone, however there are some ground principles that we should all know.  Nina is passionate about helping you find your path in health, fitness, balance & moderation.

Patricia McPherson
Hatha Yoga

Come join Patricia on Saturday mornings for a Beginner style Hatha class starting at 10:30am sharp. Whether you're new to yoga or already have a practice this class is perfect for all levels interested in exploring their Body and Breath through movement. Patricia's classes are fun, insightful and really give the practitioner an opportunity to internalize their yoga practice. See you there! 

Shajini Jeganmohan
Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga

Shajini’s teaching style is based in her traditional Ashtanga training. With an opening meditation and mantra, her classes start in an environment that will help you calm, heal, and challenge yourself. She strongly believes that yoga is for every body, regardless of body type, experience level, age, or gender. In class, she encourages a freedom in movement that allows you to explore what you need as an individual. Expect a calming class with some strengthening poses thrown in to expand your abilities and discover your inner strength. In her personal practice, Shajini uses yoga to heal, find balance, and discover what she is capable of. She hopes to help others do the same in her classes!

Rajendra Patel
Iyenger Yoga

Raj is a Toronto based Yoga Instructor. He has been practicing yoga since 1998 and has been certified to teach since 2006. He received yoga
certification from Sivananda Yoga, India. Being an IT professional Raj  balances and centre's himself to handle the stress of his day to day pressures by practicing and teaching yoga. Raj learned yoga from his spiritual master in India which emphasized yoga as a way of living instead of just physical exercise.  His teachings, emphasize the development of strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, as well as concentration and meditation. Priority is given to alignment and perfection in Asanas with stability. This leads to a stable and peaceful mind and body. In recent years Raj has been practicing a a form of yoga known for its use of props, such as belts and blocks, as aids in performing asanas (postures). It is a form of Hatha yoga and is called Iyenger Yoga.  Raj instructs both beginner and intermediate levels.

Nirushan Neelavannan
Reckless Dance Academy was started not just to share my passion for dance with the community but also to bring about growth within every individual that stops by for even one class. My name is Nirushan Neelavannan. I have not been dancing since I was ten or anything of that sort. I was just your regular shy guy growing up until about high school where my friends & I started a team just so we could perform during events at our school. It was all fun and games but it brought upon change within every one of us as time progressed. We weren't afraid of an audience after our first performance, we weren't afraid of comments made by others around us, and we weren't afraid to try new things. We did what we enjoyed for ourselves. I believe this is what dance is, I believe dance is a tool used to bring upon courage and expose people in how to surpass hesitancy. I continued on with my undergraduate degree while dancing and choreographing along side some of Ryerson's finest dancers competing in Thaalam, Aatam, and the North American Culture Show not only as a dancer but also as a cord. Reckless Dance Academy is open to individuals of all ages of any caliber whether you are an experienced dancer or someone who is ready to try something new, we have something tailored for you.